To Sweetness, Wherever You May Lie

The lights were out in the city.
You came to me, like a dream,
In through the darkness.

Here we sat in stillness and silence.
My lanterns burned, pulsing,
Like my heart.

I remembered when we walked through the woods
And you kissed my collarbone in the sun.

It was only October.
I wondered how I could make it through the winter’s grip
With such a desire to kiss your face
In the green grass?
How would I kiss you only in the cold,
No longer in a hammock under a blossoming tree?

There are times where I worry about your beautiful mind
And the ties that bind you,
Though you are a miracle.

In the darkness I could feel your fears
As If they were my own.
As If I were born with them.
How I wished I could ease them.

-And I still do.
One of these days, I always said.
And one of these days I will.

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